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Me and My Little Duckling



Ekleel Alfaris

The dimensions of this piece are 70×90 cm.

The fact that for artists, creation is drawn from their experiences and feelings is nothing new. However, what is novel are the ways in which each artist’s unique experiences bloom into their choices of medium, color, texture, and emotion. For Ekleel Alfaris, the multi-faceted Saudi Arabian and Austrian artist, each painting is a cobblestone in the path of her identity. “I am creating my own identity in the personalities and faces I draw. They all have a story,” says the artist. Falling in love with horses and horseback riding at the age of three, Ekleel’s works have a particular connection to her surrounding environment and nature. Her paintings weave together a sense of childlike innocence, reflected in her choice of bright and playful colors, with complicated and deep emotions felt only by those with a profound knowledge of self.

This connection to an inner child is evident in Me and My Little Duckling. The viewer can observe a small duckling sitting serenely atop the figure’s head, that is ornamented with dream-like designs of hearts and ice cream. The figure itself, in juxtaposition with the other elements looks down pensively, as if unable to speak out its emotions. Me and My Little Duckling is a multi-layered work utilizing different mediums, almost in parallel to the various levels of messages and emotions the painting strives to relay.

The dimensions of this piece are 70×90 cm.


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