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Ya Leil Ya Ein - يا ليل يا عين

Ya Leil Ya Ein - يا ليل يا عين

Dana Khoury

In the world we live in today, it is unfortunately quite common for certain groups of people to feel as though their languages and cultures are slowly fleeting due to globalisation and the creation of a new generation who seemingly do not interact with these elements in a traditional way. How can we keep culture and language alive through art? How can we express certain elements that make us who we are in a way that others can deeply understand?

Born in 1994 in the city of Nazareth, Dana discovered her love of fashion at a young age. She obtained her BA in Fashion Design at Academia Italian International Institute in Florence, Italy. During her studies she dove into the concept of Orientalism, focusing on its impact on art and fashion design. This inspired her to embark on a research project around the motives of South West Asian (an inclusive and decolonized term referring the “Middle East”) and North African cultures. After successfully passing her final project, Dana took it a step further. She examined the concepts of fusion, revival and eclecticism in fashion design, focusing on how fashion connects to culture and identity within larger contemporary perceptions.

Dana strives to create a connection between her roots and her audience by adding personal touches to her art and including sentences and phrases in her mother language. Additionally, she combines elements from traditional garments and accessories with modern shapes.

  • The work included here is a digital collage.
  • Size: A3


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