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Visitation 2

Visitation 2

Jules Mogul

We are all born with an identity. Our names, our parents, our city, they all make up a part of who we are. And slowly, as we grow, our sense of identity evolves. But what happens when you are suddenly stripped of a central aspect of your identity? How would you come to terms with this sudden change?

As a young adult, Jules began developing a disability that shifted her sense of identity. Her journey of coming to terms with her disability is reflected and expressed through her photography. Her project, entitled Visitation, is centered around disability, and explores themes of transition, powerlessness, and the unknown. Opening the doors of her mind to the unknown, Jules experienced what she would describe as supernatural occurrences that are depicted as parallels to her experience of becoming disabled. For her, both experiences welcomed her into worlds that were previously unknown to her and engulfed her in the positive and negative spectrums of human emotion. From the world of disability, rose fear and from the supernatural, rose a sense of awe and wonderment. From bringing together this whirlwind of emotions, Jules is able to achieve inner peace and begin to come to terms with her new conditions.

Another crucial aspect of Jules’ work is the environment. Before any shoot, Jules takes it upon herself to become familiar and comfortable with her environment. While adjusting to the changes in her life, her relationship with nature has changed dramatically and now it is where she finds inspiration for most of her photos. In her works, she draws analogies between the force of nature and the supernatural, as for her, both resonate with her in similar ways. “The size and complexity of the Earth is beyond our individual grasp,” the artist notes. For her, nature is the everyday version of the supernatural and this connection is observed in her photography.

  • The work included here is A2 Photograph.
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