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The Tide

The Tide

The Tide is a dreamy, soft, and melancholic film. It is a story of creation and destruction.

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The Tide

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The Tide is a dreamy, soft, and melancholic film. It is a story of creation and destruction: more than destruction, assimilation. The film shows a performer, on a rocky British beach surrounded by green and white cliffs. The performer sits at the shore, close to the water, she is molding clay that she sources from the beach itself. Out of the clay, she shapes a human figure, which is then left to dry in the sun. Gradually, the tide rises and assimilates/incorporates/englobes/ingurgitate the grey argil human.

The main reason that brought me to imagine this project is personal and comes from my love towards the sea, and particularly the beach in Seven Sisters, a magical place where nature is on display in all its varied beauty and power. It is a place of transformative landscape, where the earth and the sea mix together in a borderless hug.


Moreover, I want to create a new myth of creation, a new human being born from clay, like Adam in the Bible. This human however is genderless and organic. Adam is male, and white, he was created on the seventh day of creation by a male god, as the highest creation, superior to land plants and animals. With The Tide performance I want to break this hierarchy, mold a human that is part of nature, fluid and in constant change and in harmony and equality with the world that they inhabit.

I want to trigger the viewer to realize the power of multi species, that the earth is an organism we all inhabit, and that there is no dichotomy between humans and nature: we are nature.

I want to transmit a feeling of cathartic connection and liberation, making the viewer connect with the tide, letting go of our myths to create new ones.

  • Marianna di Majo Norante

    I like creating, the journey from an idea to something tangible, visible or audible, maybe different from the original idea, probably different. I like to look at the world, swallow it and expel it as something different than what it was. I like magic and to process reality through onirical eyes. My name is Marianna, and I am an emerging multidisciplinary artist. I enjoy freely jumping between different forms of expression depending on what best suits the message I want to convey. I also sometimes explore the same project through various mediums, such as performance and video art. I also enjoy the freedom to mix techniques, finding poetry in the tactile process of analog film while also embracing the possibilities of new technologies like interactive installations and augmented reality. My artistic journey often begins with a question rather than an assertion of omniscience. Initially, art was a medium for expressing my deepest emotions, a form of communication rooted in personal sentiment. However, as I've matured, my perspective has shifted; I now view art as a potent political tool and a mirror reflecting the complexities of our world. I am driven by a curiosity to discover new connections, perspectives, and modes of existence. Currently, my focus lies in the exploration of utopia—a quest for solutions amidst a world scarred by contamination and exploitation. I ponder how we can foster better relationships between humans, animals, and the environment, transcending the confines of the Anthropocene era. Simultaneously, I draw inspiration from myths and ancient narratives, seeking to understand human behavior and cultural heritage. Even as I contemplate the future, I infuse it with echoes of ancient magic, weaving metaphorical threads that bridge past, present, and future