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The Anatomy of a Heartbreak

The Anatomy of a Heartbreak

“The Anatomy of a Heartbreak”: An art-science research project leading to an immersive exhibition, which investigates the profound physical and psychological impacts of a heart break.

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The Anatomy of a Heartbreak

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About the Project

Titled ‘The Anatomy of a Heartbreak,’ this project aims to illustrate the intricate journey of karmic love and devastating betrayal through an impactful three-chapter story. The unique storytelling structure, developed as a novel concept by the artist, will combine multiple mediums such as film, sound, spoken word, photography, and hand-crafted scents. Each chapter of this work immerses the viewer into the various raw emotions experienced during love, passion, addiction, betrayal, heartbreak, attempted healing, and relapses. At the culmination of this project, participants will have the chance to create a bespoke scent that resonates with their personal journey - this will be crafted on-site and can be taken home as a tangible reminder of their healing process. Ultimately, the experience will provide its audience with a sense of self-healing, whilst the research will appoint legitimacy to the affects of heartbreak and thus, more generally, the psychosomatic affects of emotional turmoil. As part of this project, you are invited to reflect on your own experiences, to embrace the vulnerability and beauty of the human heart

Within this project the artist will be collaborating with experts from diverse fields, including a cardiologist, a neuroscientist, a quantum physicist, a psychologist, a hypnotherapist and a psychic. By blending such a wide range of expertise, the artist will be able to explore both the tangible and the intangible aspects of heartbreak; pay respect to the physical and the metaphysical; and tread the line between the worldly and the otherworldly.

The research section of this project focuses primarily on analysing and capturing the quantum frequencies of our emotions, and translating them into matching scents, sounds, words and visuals. Scents and sound - the invisible - subtly address the deepest human emotions that often go unspoken. Ultimately, this project forces us to recognise the legitimacy of invisible forces that dictate our lives.

To bring this ambitious project to life, Misia-O is seeking financial contributions to cover the costs of production, research, development, artist fees, and other essential materials. The crowdfunding campaign will be released in three chapters, each according to a chapter of the project.

Currently at Chapter 1, this chapter is defined by a heady rush of infatuation and eroticism. Conjured in the electrifying backdrops of London, Berlin and Hamburg, and influenced by a tapestry of urban scents and hues, this chapter illuminates the electric chemistry between two souls. But, amidst the intoxicating allure, a discovery of betrayal shatters the artist's world.

The funding of this chapter allows the creation of a unique journal style podcast which will provide an intimate journey into the artists bewitched psyche, including selected conversations with the main protagonist. It will further include the development of photographic, scented, and textural recalls of the pair's time together.

  • Misia-O'

    Misia-O' is an olfactory artist. For Misia-O', scents constitute an emotional alchemy, acting as an invisible ally to her visual art. Through her practice, she emerges as a multidisciplinary story teller, engaging her audiences in immersive experiences that activate all of the senses and thus create full, embodied narratives. With a varied background as an interior architect, perfumer, photographer and film director, she creates online and offline experiences with various media, including photography, film, spoken word, perfume, sculpture and experiential design. In harnessing such a breadth of mediums, her practice is, by nature, accessible to all people, including those who are visually impaired and are too often excluded from engaging with fine art. Through her mesmerising storytelling, Misia-O' aims to bring visibility to individuals eclipsed by time and society. Part of her mission includes celebrating the cosmogony of ancient civilisations, in turn shining light on ancestral wisdoms. In combining these methods of knowledge and practice with both ancient and future technologies, the artist begs enquiry into how systems of the past could create a more sustainable future. Misia-O' holds several awards in interior design and photography. Her MA thesis titled “Muse/Abuse” is part of the RCA’s permanent library collection. (Distinction) "Scent is art: art you can wear on your skin."