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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

"Terms & Conditions": A nomadic multi-channel work that highlights the extent to which digital currents inhabit and influence the world around us.

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About the Project

The amount of data that's generated and collected by modern technology is staggering. And yet, Data is far from a single, tangible, object that we can point to and say “this is data”. It’s a hyperobject - that being an entity of vast temporal, spatial, and influential mass - existing not as a passive object, but rather as an active force that constantly shapes and reshapes the world around us. It exists alongside us, as constant but unidentifiable layers of reality across the electromagnetic spectrum.

All these frequencies affect our lives in intangible ways— endless oscillations of electromagnetic radiation constantly surge through the spaces around us, making modern civilisation function and forming our traditional understandings of existence.

This project hopes to investigate this - the constant, affective, and invisible frequencies that dictate our every day - in a nomadic installation titled “Terms and Conditions”. The work will incorporate a range of synthesised mediums, including; augmented reality, sound, video, programming, and installation.

Central to the project’s vision is the mobility of the installation, which is why we plan to fabricate it in a custom cargo tricycle giving it the ability to engage with a transient audience within an urban landscape, thus maximising its reach and accessibility to a wide range of individuals. This moreover works as a vital method of moving art and its educational and social potential outside of the art space and into the public realm.


The installation will operate as a portal, channelling the ethereal into the tangible. Drawing from the concept of heterotopia (a space that brings together seemingly incompatible facets and exposes contradictions), the project seeks to create a space that embodies such juxtapositions and paradoxes.

In a manner inspired by Foucault's metaphor of a mirror, which illustrates the dualities of utopia and heterotopia, the installation acts as a kind of mirror. It reflects the parallel realities of our tangible surroundings and the intangible world of data. The tricycle, serving as this metaphorical mirror, becomes a conduit for the invisible layers of electromagnetic reality that encircle it.

In developing and building this installation, we hope to meld physicality and intangibility, probing the boundaries of data-driven art, and the multi-layered realities that encompass our modern lives—striving to reveal the unseen, spark contemplation, and challenge our perceptions of the omnipresent but often overlooked technological ecosystems that envelops us.

  • Zayd Menk

    Zayd Menk's current focus is defined by an ongoing exploration of digital excess. Using electronic waste as his primary material, his large scale sculptures and installations confront the paradoxes inherent in our relationships with technology.

  • Alya Kautsanti

    Alya Kautsaranti is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work revolves around creating immersive art works that combine the physical and the digital world. Primary themes in the artists work include identity, psychology, and childhood trauma, ultimately serving to underline the artists exploration of the social psyche.

  • Aurora Ulian

    Through performances, interactive installations and acoustic sculptures, Aurora Ulian's work encourages their audience to become participants in an environment in which the visible and invisible are in contrast. The ephemerality of sound hereby becomes a medium, and a method of instigating contrast with materiality.