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Star in Arabesque

Star in Arabesque

Giuliana Storino

How can one best showcase the concept of time, in art? Are there specific methods that would serve this concept better than others? The Italian artist Giuliana Storino works in the field of visual arts exploring different methods, with particular attention to painting and its traditional supports. At the origin of her research is time.

She investigates it, studying the atmospheric dust, through the word and the shape of the alchemical process of matter: water and earth, balance and oscillation, materialize her Arabesques and Glades, which are forms of energy captured in their mutable instant. Her research is based on the intelligence of the body and the sensoriality, and she expresses her tactile interactions with materials and the generative potential of manual rhythmic activity. Spanning between different methods, she moves the pictorial language to the architectural-environmental dimension. In her recent productions, she investigates technology, understanding it as the fundamental dimension of transformation of the world, trying to understand what are the influences that it produces on man and the indissoluble link to the process of production of the work of art. Experimenting different materials and languages, she weaves space and time, image and illusion, landscape and sound, body and architecture, calling into question the human feeling.

  • The work included here is soil and water on canvas
  • Dimensions: 50cmX40CM
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