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Chi Chin Hu

If you were to imagine your inner demons leaving your body and mind, what form would that take?

For Taiwanese artist, Chi Chin Hu, this cleansing of negative emotions took the form of blooming flowers, showcased in her collection entitled RED. Beginning the art of photography in 2017, the artist felt an immediate attraction to self-portraits. For her, portrait photography does not only serve as a tool to record human life, but it can also tell people’s stories. Stories that mean everything as they are what connect us to this world.

“I was born and raised in Taiwan. Since our background has given us a tendency to be introverted, most people around me feel comfortable to hide their feelings rather than let the out,” Chi Chin notes. However, that was not the road that she wanted to take. The efforts to express her deepest emotions and expose her mind and journey of healing to the world are realized in RED. In this self-portrait collection, the artist is shown under a red veil, with flowers blooming from her body. While healing can be a painful journey, the artist’s depiction of the process shows the audience that there is indeed beauty in vulnerability


  • The piece included here is 20cmX24cm photograph.
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