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Federico Casabona

For many of us, overthinking has become a daily habit. We overthink our decisions, our memories, and our actions. This habit can hold us back in life and limit our freedom. When it comes to art, overthinking and overanalysing can even place a limit on the artist’s creativity. How can artists bypass these limitations?

For Argentinian artist Federico Casabona, freedom of movement is a crucial pre-requisite for creating art. This lack of limitation is evident in Badance, a painting inspired by Basquiat’s works. “I saw how he could paint so freely, yet keeping it balanced. His work shaped my style for the most part,” Federico notes. For him, creating art is about freedom of movement, and trying to be natural without getting trapped in overthinking and other limiting habits. While it is no easy task to let the work take shape by itself, Federico’s mastery in a broad range of styles shows the audience that it is possible.


Mix media - 220x180cm

 Flor (Flower in Spanish) is a recurrent subject on my work, Matisse is a big figure for me, and this man was into the beauty of flowers, among many other things. 

 The colours that one can find in nature is what inspired me to create this work, all from imagination but the impression of the summer/spring was very real at the time of execution. 

 This work was made in a very small room with not the best conditions. the scale of it was a problem but turned to be helpful to develop a composition that is unusual, different, semi-abstract. 

 The colours are very vibrant, not only on the sun it really shine but also on dim light the colours transform into a pastel like palette.

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