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Connor Addison

In the modern times, we put our faith in photography and its ability to reflect reality accurately. Photos are often times relied upon as evidence. However, how true is the reality reflected in photographs? In an era of digital manipulation and staged photography, can we truly believe the message photos convey? Or can photography sometimes masquerade as truth?

“Tautological, investigates the medium of photography as an imperfect tool for duplicating reality,” the artist notes. In an effort to do that, the pieces are all photographs of images or videos. By doing so, Connor represents the loss of truth caused by the process of photography. When taking a photo, the sounds, movements, and context of the moment are lost. Thus, the truth of that moment in its entirety cannot be expressed. Photographs then become mutations of the reality they attempted to capture.

Another existing factor in Connor’s work is the experience of memory. For the artist, the past exists merely as a form of mental time travel and the more we attempt to recall our past, the vaguer and more faded the memories become. The memory at the source is slowly lost and events in the past are side-lined. In this collection, truth and memory are compared to images. The fading of truth and memory are visualised and conveyed to the viewer through the blurring and distortion of the photographs.

  • The work included here is captured on 35mm film.
  • Size: A1
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