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Chink in her Armour

Chink in her Armour


It is a universally accepted fact that art, in its many shapes and forms, can serve as a window to the artist’s mind and soul. Gavalav’s art, however, not only provides the viewer with insight on the artist, but it is also meant to act as a mirror, reflecting the viewer’s current subconscious. The popping colours of the pieces “attract the viewer and force them to dwell beyond the boundaries of sight,” says the artist. Within the pieces lies an expression that creates ties between people from different walks of life and connects them together through their shared humanity.

Behind the New Delhi-based painter lives a formally educated cosmetic scientist. As a self-taught artist, Gavalav views art through the lens of experimentation. For him, each piece is his experiment. Each brush stroke, dash of colour, texture, and effect is intentional. His portraits and figures are portrayed in abstract and intentionally distorted ways. “The emotional, spiritual, and the etheric energies of humans are not confined to the conventional shapes of the human body,” he says.

  • acrylic impasto on canvas
  • Size : 36 x 24 Year : 2020
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