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Chaos and Silence 4

Chaos and Silence 4

Easam Darawshi

If you could look into a person’s mind and suddenly see everything they were feeling, what would you do? On a daily basis, we all feel our fair share of emotions and sometimes, it might feel suffocating when other people cannot understand our emotions or emphasize with us. Matters become even more complicated when our emotions are seemingly paradoxical, for example, when chaos and silence plague our minds simultaneously.

The question of encapsulating chaos and silence and reflecting the synthesis in a way that allows for empathy from the viewers, is one that Easam faces in this collection. Focusing generally on human figures and portraits in an expressionist style, the artist strives to explore the complexity of human emotions and to create a portal to the inner journey of self-exploration. “The human facial expressions vary from moment to moment and cannot be captured in one form,” the artist notes. This statement is very well reflected in the present work through the juxtaposition of the lively and wild brushstrokes, and the calm and almost solemn lines of the body and the face.

Another influencing factor in Easam’s works is the environment and the surroundings of humans. For Easam, the environment in which most people live is filled with contradictions which then in turn influence the emotions and moods of that person. Additionally, a person’s environment can affect issues such as those of identity and belonging. Having roots as a Palestinian Arab from Nazareth and spending eleven years in Italy, the issue of identity and belonging to different and perhaps contradicting environments is a familiar concept for the artist. These conflicts and paradoxes continue appearing in his work as he continues to reflect the human condition.

  • The work included here is mixed media art, utilising oil, acrylic, pastel, and spray paint on canvas.
  • Dimensions: 36cmX64cm
  • 2018
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