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“Ate Crow 1”

“Ate Crow 1”

Tony Pettis

To eat a crow is an idiom that has long served as a way for many to express the humiliation that follows the acceptance of their mistakes or defeats. For Tony Pettis, the Neo-Expressionist artist based in Georgia, USA, this acceptance of defeat followed a romantic encounter gone wrong. “Crows represent the middle space between life and death, hurting and healing,” says Tony. Much like how the acceptance of one’s defeat, is the first step between pain and healing

In “Ate Crow 1,” the viewer sees multiple crows adorning the piece, all in different sizes and stages of flight, flying in various directions. In addition to taking the viewers' eyes with them on a journey across the piece, the crows also seem to communicate that there are countless ways and methods to heal This piece is perfect for anyone wanting a visual reminder that moving on from all that one blames themselves for is possible.

“Throughout my career as an artist,” says Tony, “I’ve drawn inspiration from various creatives and artists. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Neo-Expressionist work has probably had the biggest impact on my latest work.” Tony is a published book illustrator, a two-time CSU Allstate Art Symposium District Finalist, and a two-time CSU Allstate Art Symposium State Winner.

Tony’s worked on projects such as ESPN, The Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and more. He currently works for one of the most notable Portraiture Artists of the south of the United States, Dr. Garry Pound. Tony’s been creating out of his studio, located at the top of an old synagogue for only a year and a half, but has been creating as an artist since the age of ten.


  • The measurements for “Ate Crow 1” are 58in X 42in (147.32 cm X 106.68 cm.) The used medium is acrylic on watercolor paper.
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