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Adan Daher

The Palestinian artist has always been interested in the similarity of our fears and desires and the actions we take because of them, regardless of how different we all may seem from each other. Additionally, Adan takes an interest in the subconscious motivators that exist in the deepest parts of our minds. The same motivators that drive us to behave and react the way we do. Our deep desires for love and unity drive us to go on a journey of self-exploration, which enables us to find all we need and ever needed within.

From the minute we arrived here on earth, the artist notes, others who were here before us start to teach us how to dream this dream, so we spend the first half of our lives trying to resolve feelings of confusion, by trying to be something that does not exist, accusing ourselves that we are failing to be whatever we came here to be. Then, we spend the rest of our lives trying to forget all that we’ve learned, collect our pieces again so we can go back to the womb of the universe as whole as we were when we first came. This journey of remembrance is what serves our growth and expansion as well as those of all that is, knowing and being in peace with our wounds is manifested in many forms in the physical life and one of them is manifested as forgiveness. Forgiveness enables us to break free from the illusionary prison of our own minds.

In this project, Adan strives to make the non-physical process of self-exploration into a physical form, from the ungraspable and untouchable emotions into a picture and to give a face to fear. The technique of pointillism used in the creation of these pieces is because the technique reminds the artist of the extremely slow process of self-work and how after many days of working on a piece, she still felt like she was right where she started.

“When dots gather, they make up everything, the shape and the colour, the light and the shade and the texture, and when they are separated, they go back to being only black dots.”

  • The work included here is Pointillism
  • Dimensions: 70cmX100cm
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