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'Ω (Resistance)'

'Ω (Resistance)'

'Ω (Resistance)'An interactive, Multi-Device Web Artwork that aims to inspire a re-evaluation of new technologies impact upon our personalities.

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'Ω (Resistance)'

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About the Project

'Ω (Resistance)' is a multi-device web installation artwork that challenges the continual categorisation and quantification of humans in the post-digital era. The symbol 'Ω', normally representative of resistance, here symbolises the active and necessary fight against reducing humanity to calculable vectors.

The work draws upon the pervasive trend of personality tests, notably MBTI, in modern culture, which work by flattening human complexity into limited archetypes and pre-calculated classifications. The analytical approach used in these tests represents larger shift in how digitalisation might reduce the concept of the 'human'. In a world where we define ourselves through numbers, hashtags, and trends, we risk reducing ourselves for the sake of easy categorisation, and losing the nuance that makes us human.


This interactive artwork will throw its audience into a chaotic virtual-physical realm, where they are instigated to question their complicity in self-categorisation whilst using digital platforms.

The MDWA will present users with a personality test, akin to MBTI, but as glitches disrupt the test, participants actively resist by altering the interface, resulting in a transformative experience across four channels. It blurs the lines between human and machine in a post-internet culture, encouraging reflection on the ever-increasing categorisation of digital existence. Using React, Next.js, WebSockets, and AI frameworks like Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT, "Ω" explores human-AI collaboration in contemporary art.

This resistance extends beyond psychological narratives, challenging the consumeristic system that profits from such categorization. "Ω" offers a global message for a society coexisting with AI, advocating for a harmonious balance between humaneness and computational efficiency while actively engaging participants in the resistance against this trend through an interactive experience.

Funding this project will include the continued research, development, and showcasing of the final work, 'Ω (Resistance)'.

  • Jeanyoon Choi

    Jeanyoon Choi (b.1999) is a Korean web artist focusing on Multi-Device Web Artworks (MDWA). Coming from a background in engineering, the artist's multi-faceted experiences have informed his current inquiries into knowledge production, digitalisation, and the order of chaos. His various studies have lead him to reject the idea that mathematics alone can be a clear-and-distinct tool to interpret the world, and to challenge the notion of AI, which generates only upon predetermined knowledge. Instead, through his work he explores the notion that humans should rediscover our own capacity to go beyond 'a-priori' knowledge. In developing his digitally immersive and overwhelming installations, he invites the audience to challenge all that they assume to know, and expand themselves within the virtual-physical realm. His works have been exhibited and performed globally around venues such as Ars Electronica (AT), Seoul Arts Centre and Studio Motif (KR), Manuka Arts Centre (AU), IRCAM (FR), Hera Gallery (US), IKLECTIK London, Copeland Gallery, Crypt Gallery, Cromwell Place, and Seasons Gallery (UK).