At International Body of Art, we do things differently.

We’re an arts company dedicated to finding, supporting, and exhibiting the world’s most exciting emerging artists. From our collaborative funding platform to creative workshops and unique exhibitions, we bridge the gaps between artists and their audiences to aid a more intimate, inclusive, and proactive art world.

We emerged after working in the traditional art world and quickly realising that we want something different. For a long time, the arts have been built upon dated values and a market driven system. This has, we believe, stunted the growth of new artists from diverse backgrounds, and inhibited the emergence of experimental work. Because of the way we operate, with IBA all artists are free to create and share their most important, progressive, and personal creations. This means that our audience gets close access to original works that they can't find anywhere else.

At the core of our practice is the belief that art has the potential to create real, powerful change. We advocate for an art practice that actively challenges boundaries; a funding system that is open and transparent; and an art world that exists beyond the white cube.

We exist beyond the white cube

IBA was founded in London in 2021. We are an arts organisation operating in two main sectors: our first-of-its-kind crowdfunding platform solely for the visual arts, and our immersive exhibitions all around London, where we host exhibitions presenting emerging artists from all around the world three times a year.