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‘International Body of Art’ Aims to Revolutionize the Art Market by the Inclusion of Young Artists & Collectors

This innovative startup wants to let hopeful young artists and collectors know that they are not alone.

Maria Artoul, the founder of International Body of Art (IBA), is on a mission to change the landscape of the art market by creating a whole new one that’s readily available for up-and-coming artists and young art collectors. In the knowledge that the art market can be extremely exclusive, IBA wants to offer support to young artists and collectors in order for them to earn a living doing what they love.

Having witnessed the exclusion as an artist and photographer with her own eyes, Maria says she is well aware of the fact that young artists are often taken advantage of.

“I struggle to understand why the art world can be so harsh on young artists and collectors,” she says. “And this is exactly why IBA was born. We will not sleep and we will not give up on our goal which is to create a market that is for all art lovers regardless of their gender, background, age, or race. IBA will bring the art world closer together from every corner of the world!”

Maria explains that IBA doesn’t want to clash with the existent market, but rather create a new one by building a community of artists and collectors, thus opening new doors and opportunities.

“By supporting young artists, we believe that we will create a hopeful future for the art world that has been extremely exclusive for the elite and make it available for everyone. I truly believe that if young artists and young collectors join together, we can build an incredible new art market, separating ourselves from the exclusive traditional art market.”

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